Bishop Stortford Region – Central East and East of England

Regional Learning Development Officer: Major John McCombe

Major John McCombeJohn has been an officer for 41 years, 33 years of which was as a corps officer. He was an officer in the Business Service unit (WBC) as well as a Module Leader in the school for officer training. Previous to his present appointment, he was a Mission Development & Enabling Officer at Territorial Headquarters. Prior to training, he was a police cadet and then a machine operator. John is married to Jennie and they have two grown-up children and five grandchildren.
Contact: [email protected]

Introduction to Customer Services

We offer a personalised workshop to enable you and your team to agree what makes for great customer/client service and improve on the skills to deliver it.  The workshop is your opportunity to work together overcoming barriers and exploring areas for improvement so that you can deliver excellent service.   Please get in touch with us

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Appreciative Enquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an approach to organisational and community development it focuses on the positive and encourages generativity which supports people to see actions arising out of new possibilities.  AI is not a set of techniques, but a way of working from a positive and strength-based position.  It is an exceptionally flexible approach, contact

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Faith Based Facilitation

Faith-Based Facilitation (FBF) is a way of helping people think, talk, explore and respond to their issues in the light of faith.  FBF is a process that uses specific tools to help people enjoy deeper, healthier relationships. The process is based on The Pastoral Cycle, which is widely used to help people of faith in

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Communities of Practice Facilitation

Communities of Practice can accelerate professional development across an organisation, break down silos that exist, enable the sharing of knowledge and the building of better practice. They can also help build better teams and happier more motivated people.  We can work with you in several ways; from delivering a workshop on what a Community of

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Managing conflict using the TKI® assessment

Learn to appreciate your own and others’ approach to conflict, develop skills for assessing conflict situations, and for selecting appropriate strategies to handle them. Practice using different conflict-handling modes and create an action plan for developing more effective conflict resolution skills.  Contact us for more information and how we can help. 

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Working Genius Model

We can offer team development through the 6 Types of Working Genius model. This model helps people discover their natural gifts and thrive in their work. When people can better understand the types of work that bring them more energy and fulfilment and avoid work that leads to frustration and failure, they can be more

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