Further Resources

We will continue to update this page with relevant partner organisations who provide a range of learning and development opportunities.

Preaching Course Alternatives

Previously, we have delivered a preaching course for officers. However, this course is no longer available in our curriculum. 
Here you will find ideas and resources that are available to help and support your preaching. 

Green Cross First Aid

Green Cross First Aid is one of our providers of mandatory first aid training.  For available courses please visit Greencross first-aid and identify an open course local to you, to book first-aid training please contact your Learning and Development Officer who will be able to assist you.  In-service courses can be arranged based upon minimum numbers, contact your Learning and Development Officer for more information.

Example Courses:

  • Emergency First Aid At Work (1 day)
  • First Aid at Work (3 days)
  • First Aid Re-qualification (2 days)
  • Paediatric First Aid


FutureLearn is a large provider of online courses from top universities and organisations. Search the online directory for short courses covering a wide range of subjects. Most short courses are free of charge, however if there is a cost and the course is relevant to your role, please speak with a Learning and Development Officer for more information. 

Example Courses:

  • Effective Communication Skills for Professionals (3 hours a week for 4 weeks).
  • Self Care and Wellbeing: A Practical Guide for Health and Social Care (2 hours a week for 3 weeks).
  • Emotional Intelligence in Practice (3 hours a week for 4 weeks).
  • Transitioning From Friend To Leader (1 hour a week for 4 weeks). 

Social Care Information and Learning Service

Social Care Information and Learning Services is an online learning resource and community dedicated to the Health and Social Care Sector.

A wide range of social care materials are available either for online or group learning along with other services that support social care professionals in furthering their knowledge. The site also offers learning materials on a broad scope of topics outside of social care. The resources are in workbook form and can be downloaded from the website.

Example Topics:

  • Food Hygiene
  • Human Rights
  • Supervision
  • Time management

Please contact [email protected] for access.