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Covenantal ministry 

Being a faithful partner with God, acknowledging with thanks evidence of fruitfulness, the privilege and joy of ministry held in tension with the cost and suffering of leadership.

I know the significance of what it means to enter into a covenant relationship with God which inspires and sustains my calling. 

I honour and respect the covenant that every believer has with God and appreciate the generosity of their commitments. I regard all my relationships as holy covenants. I am careful not to carry a sense of entitlement, recognising the goodness of God and acknowledge the privilege of partnering with God. I accept the reality of facing difficulties and making sacrifices.    

I encourage others in ministry and acknowledge their efforts and achievements.  I look for opportunities to give positive feedback and express appreciation. I promote sharing stories of God at work, of breakthroughs, painful growth, unexpected outcomes and the practice of reframing challenges. 

I carry forward The Salvation Army’s ministry of joy, gratitude to God, and hope for the future as part of my leadership influence. I am appropriately open about the difficulties and struggles The Salvation Army faces as we trust in God’s faithfulness and ongoing calling.   

Kingdom building

Praying and planning for Kingdom growth where lives are transformed, andpeople come to know Jesus and life in all its fulness.

I share my story of the way my life has been changed through Jesus and enjoy listening to other’s transformational stories. I pray for the transformation of others and seek to make myself available in their journey.  

I share stories of where I am fulfilling the mission priorities. I evidence, through my behaviours and attitudes, Kingdom values in practice, including specific Salvation Army values and behaviours. I share in joy and unity as the fruitful outcome of Kingdom growth.

I offer inspiration and encourage story sharing of God at work. I address elements that are destructive to peace and harmony and are detrimental to the health of the body of Christ. I support other leaders in doing this too. 

I humbly lead as a partner in building God’s Kingdom, promoting a sense of liberation in doing our small part rather than feeling we should do everything. I engage in corporate discernment about where the biggest difference can be made.   

People focused service  

Seeking justice and reconciliation, responding to issues and concerns, loving others as the way of fulfilling our mission.

I empathise with others as I seek to serve them effectively. I understand that I cannot meet the needs of everybody and know when I need to signpost to other agencies or support. 

I focus on the people I serve and adopt a service orientated attitude to all. I engage with people to understand their needs and improve their experience. I keep people informed of progress, seeking feedback. I recognise the need for referral and take appropriate action.

I confirm satisfaction with services and address or escalate complaints. I focus others on best practice outcomes for all. I act to correct areas of deficient service. I advocate and negotiate effectively for people.   

I drive mission-led responsiveness to people needs as central to the strategic planning process. I create a culture which prioritises generous service. I maintain a high level of integrity with awareness of issues affecting people and I speak out on matters of injustice, balancing politics, reputation and income generation.

Strategic thinking

With a broad, long term, big picture view, planning for emerging internal and external issues. Also responsive to more immediate changing situations.

I participate in projects or groups in their strategic planning.

I plan strategically, identifying trends that could impact strategy and design in mission. I identify internal and external political and systems issues, which may impact the mission. I am open to new information, adapting approaches and choices in changing circumstances, and crisis situations. 

I identify broader trends that impact The Salvation Army, sharing insights with others so they can design, implement, and evaluate interventions. I manage complexity and adapt to new and evolving situations with creativity, innovation and enterprise and inspire others to do likewise. 

I enable practical solutions to identified issues to ensure long-term viability. I develop strategies and interventions to help address and prepare for future risks. I build a systemic culture of effective adaptive leadership.

Implement decisions  

Planning outcomes and time frames to drive delivery,taking ownership and responsibility for results.

I set goals to ensure I work to timelines and produce results that meet expectations. 

I identify the steps to achieve agreed goals and demonstrate drive to deliver results to expected timelines and standards, using methodologies such as project management.

I take responsibility to provide pragmatic and timely advice and deliver solutions that meet missional needs. 

I take ownership, in all the complexity, to ensure that dots are joined, to connect and align different areas of work. I ensure follow through and completion when work has been agreed. I take ownership for communication and ensure that new developments are incorporated and embedded into common practice.

Acknowledging results and fruit  

Appreciating and celebrating people, events, and projects.

As part of a nurturing community, I seek to support others and share in their successes. 

I nurture a culture that is mutually supportive and celebrates people’s contributions to positive outcomes.  

I encourage celebration of group successes. I give credit to those who have done good work.  I enable greater responsibility (succession planning) as reward for effectiveness as appropriate. 

I foster systems that allow key contributions to be shared, inspiring others through celebration of learning, innovation, growth and effectiveness.