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Engaging with Scripture and in prayer  

With love, humility, and grace to align our decisions with God’s priority for our lives.

I have regular times of prayer and Bible study which are the foundation for living out my faith. I seek resources to help me understand scripture more fully and apply what I have read to my context.

I seek God’s heart and will for my life and ministry, prayer and Scripture inspiring my faith and practice. I constantly seek to learn more, interpreting both Scripture and the experiences of life, so I can live faithfully in my context, with my decisions reflecting God’s love and grace.

I use Scripture and prayer with groups and teams, ensuring we align our mission with God’s priorities in our context. In formal decision-making settings, I refer to Scripture and engage in prayer, seeking God’s will rather than personal preference, in every situation being open to Kairos moments. 

I continually work towards developing, engaging in, and promoting decision making processes which involve discernment, listening to God, Scripture, and prayer.

Personal stewardship

Being a faithful steward of my time, tithe, gifts, money, and possessions, body, mind, and spirit, being accountable to God.

I recognise all I have is given by the grace of God and seek to use this in his service. I understand this includes ‘care of creation’ and increasingly make choices with integrity regarding resources.

I understand and respond to God’s call to dedicate all I have and all I am to him, and his service. I do not waste the bounty of our generous God. I appropriately care for myself, my resources, and ‘care for creation’. I live simply and generously, holding lightly what I have.

I live modestly, generously, and accountably. I promote territorial programmes around giving. I facilitate discussion on stewardship and giving with leaders, in support of spiritual disciplines.

I encourage a culture where we celebrate and share stories of a generous and faithful God. I acknowledge God is trustworthy and will provide all that is needed as I fulfil his mission, so I will be careful of the temptation to compromise Salvation Army purposes in financial decision making.

Holy living

Making personal life choices consistent with Christian living, understanding what drives and motivates me has an impact on my decision making and culture.

I understand holy living is to be like Jesus. I am beginning to make choices with an intentional awareness of scripture and understanding of how kingdom values should be lived out in practice. I can articulate this in relation to my personal experience of the Holy Spirit.

I endeavour to have a Christlike attitude, with everyday decisions and choices in keeping with a holy life. I live by the truths of God’s Word, responsive to the Holy Spirit’s work, living out the Kingdom values and keeping free from addictive behaviours. I am motivated to be ‘salt and light’, and to be like Jesus. I recognise and understand my choices and actions both impact how I make decisions and also the effect this has on others around me.

I evidence the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ in my life and leadership. I am mindful of how my feelings can impact my actions and decisions. I create an environment that enables others to make decisions with confidence and without fear of failure, being careful to make decisions to benefit others and The Salvation Army rather than to achieve personal benefit.

As part of fulfilling the ministry of Jesus, I ensure The Salvation Army ‘acts justly, loves mercy, walks humbly’, exercising compassion in business decisions. I put aside my need for personal control to allow others to speak into decisions. I have courage to make decisions to align with Salvation Army values.

Knowing my role    

Being responsible and being accountableto the mission priorities.

I know the mission priorities of The Salvation Army and recognise that I have a responsibility to make choices in line with these. 

I am aware of the responsibility and accountability my role requires and where this fits within The Salvation Army. 

I engage with others in clarifying their responsibilities and accountabilities and I use feedback that supports mutual accountability.

I promote a culture of mutual accountability and responsibility.

Decision making and personal reflection  

With confidence and ownership, through consideration of broad perspectives, informed through analysing data.

I seek advice or further information to support my decision making and show an awareness of risk. I am beginning to intentionally pause to review and reflect upon a decision and use the experience of one choice to inform the next.

I consider different options and make decisions by balancing opportunity, risk, and alignment to personal and Salvation Army values. I know when to seek advice, guidance, and further information. I schedule time to review, reflect and evaluate my decisions, behaviours, responses, and practice, learning from feedback and experience. 

I use and encourage others to use a systematic approach to reflect on and assess competing views and priorities. I can draw accurate conclusions that recognise and manage contextual issues and I support others to do so.

I demonstrate courage to make difficult and ethical decisions in ambiguous and unpredictable contexts. I monitor effectiveness of governance arrangements in how decisions are made and communicated. I advocate a systemic culture of personal reflection to contribute to character development and sound decision-making.

Developing listening    and discernment practices    

To enhance our understanding and ability to listen, informing decision making, in line with God’s leading.

I have experience of being part of a group with decision making responsibilities. I recognise the need to listen to the views of others. I am becoming more aware of my own discernment and how the Holy Spirit’s leading should inform decision making.

I listen first to understand the views and perspectives and experience of others, asking questions for clarification. I use a process or tool such as the Faith Based Facilitation cycle, both personally and with groups, to aid listening. My engagement with discernment practices leads to more effective analysis, creative decisions, and positive outcomes.

Grounded in my own practice, I develop communities of discernment. I support others to develop discernment practices and communities, investing time and space for deeper relationships of unity and trust, towards decisions of greater wisdom, effectiveness, and faithfulness.

I hold space to listen to Christ, ensuring alignment of The Salvation Army to Christ our head, as part of the body. I model and promote a culture of listening, seeking to hear diverse voices. I support forums for hearing and exploring various perspectives. I continue to develop the ability to draw together opposites, learning from dissonance, and initiating new direction from creative tension. I welcome creative and flexible thinking to enable transformation.