Apprenticeships in England

Below are apprenticeship programmes that are held in England
MPA Faith-Based Leadership, Level 7 Apprenticeship

MPA Faith-Based Leadership, Level 7 Apprenticeship (England)

The Faith-Based Leadership Degree Apprenticeship delivered by University of Birmingham, is a 2 year, part-time programme which can be completed on-long side your current work commitments. It is aimed at senior leaders and emerging senior leaders roles, that deal with faith-based issues as part of their everyday life The programme seeks to develop effective, leaders

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Operational Departmental Manager, Level 5 Apprenticeship (England)

This Level 5 Apprenticeship delivered by Lifetime Training, has been designed to support managers to become strong and effective leaders. The programme teaches managers how to become agile and be ready to manage change and maximise every opportunity.  It is an opportunity for individuals to learn and develop modern management skills, knowledge and behaviours which

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Hospitality Supervisor, Level 3 Apprenticeship (England)

The Hospitality Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship provides a great training opportunity for supervisory and middle management team members working within the hospitality role, within our services. This apprenticeship  will teach you specific industry skills and knowledge so you can excel in your hospitality job, provide fantastic service to your customers or learn the essentials needed

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Hospitality Team Member, Level 2 Apprenticeship (England)

The Hospitality Team Member Level 2 apprenticeship provides the opportunity for junior team members to develop skills and knowledge to further their careers within the hospitality industry. On completion of this 14 month standard, apprentices will demonstrate essential and fundamental hospitality skills, knowledge and behaviours in their area of specialisation. Requirements To achieve a level

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Early Years Educator, Level 3 Apprenticeship (England)

The Early Years Educator Level 3 Apprenticeship provides a great training opportunity for those who work in a range of private and public settings including: full day care, children’s centres, pre-schools, reception classes, playgroups, nursery schools or home based provision. They may be working on their own or supervising others to deliver the Early Years

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Team Leader/Supervisor, Level 3 Apprenticeship (England)

The Team Leader Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship delivered by Lifetime Training, is an opportunity for individuals who can take responsibility for managing a team or project, to grow and develop their managerial skills through a range of topics, covering personal, team and organisational development, in order to create a well-rounded leader. Suitable for Those who

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Business Administrator, Level 3 Apprenticeship (England)

The Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship provides the opportunity for officers and employees of The Salvation Army to grow and develop their skills to become a highly efficient administrator. On completion of the standard, learners will be able to demonstrate a range of leadership skills, customer and product knowledge as well as industry knowledge, skills

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Homelessness Pathway Adult Care Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship (England)

This new apprenticeship has been created for our homelessness services unit.  The level 2 is specifically aimed at upskilling and developing our apprentices and assistant support workers, that work in many of our homelessness services. The qualification and the learning resources have been tailor-made by Lifetime Training, to ensure our teams gain the skills, knowledge

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