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Salvation Army continuity

Creating a culture that allows people to grow spiritually, encouraging belonging, membership, and participation.

I understand how my witness and ministry contributes to the continuity of Salvation Army mission. I encourage others to participate and feel they belong. I am prepared to talk about membership. 

I provide space and opportunities so people can make their own choices, rather than making assumptions on their behalf about what they might engage with. I make known the options to explore participation, belonging, membership, and soldiership, conscious of how my views and biases of aspects of The Salvation Army can prevent people having access to belonging. 

I build confidence and competence in leaders in their own ability to welcome and connect, encouraging them to offer opportunities for commitment and membership. I understand church growth cycles, aware of danger signs where formerly effective models have become entrenched, presaging decline. I embed reviewing for sustainability.

I create a shared sense of priority about sustainability, inspiring drive and unity, and a strong sense of our calling to be The Salvation Army, interpreting what this looks like for current and future generations. 

Using technologies

As required to effectively fulfil my role within The Salvation Army, in a changing and developing context, for missional outcomes.

I am becoming familiar with Salvation Army systems and processes. I am thoughtful in my use of social media and other technologies and can see how they can be used to support missional outcomes.

I am open to new and different technologies and use Salvation Army systems and processes as required.  I am mindful of how I represent myself as a disciple in how I present my thoughts and opinions on social media.  I use social media responsibly to support missional outcomes.   

I evaluate advantages and disadvantages of using different and new technologies to achieve missional outcomes.  I support those in my remit to use Salvation Army systems and processes and continually improve.

I evaluate new and emergent technologies to lead innovation and change within The Salvation Army, shaping and embedding digital transformation from a people and culture perspective, identifying resources. 

Healthy environments   

That are psychologically/ trauma informed, contributing to health, safety and resilience of provision.

I seek to be inclusive and adaptable and can see when environments do not safely allow others to participate. I recognise that I have a responsibility to engender trust and transparency in my engagement with others.

I contribute to building resilient, inclusive, adaptable communities who work with risk to enable safety and challenge toxic environments. I build a culture of trust and transparency which enables people to speak up and feel safe. I advocate for others. I create engaging environments where others have meaningful opportunities to contribute. 

I provide resource and encouragement to support others to create and maintain healthy and flourishing environments. I take responsibility for the resolution of unhealthy situations and avoid shifting problems around without addressing them.

I ensure policies, procedures and practices are psychologically and trauma informed, updated, responsively learning from internal and external crises.  I provide effective systems for people to safely report concerns.  I hold a sense of ‘conscience’ for The Salvation Army, addressing root causes of unhealthy environments.

Managing safety/risk   

Ensuring safe mission, safeguarding, and other statutory requirements are met, supporting an honourable reputation.

I am compliant with safeguarding and safe mission procedures, recognising the importance of these. I have some experience of identifying potential risks and threats, putting in place measures to alleviate these. 

I am able to identify potential risks and threats and mitigate accordingly. I take responsibility for safeguarding and safe mission procedures, in an auditable manner. I demonstrate compliance across all areas. 

I take responsibility for the management of risks and threats and the development of contingency plans. I show accountability to ensure leaders in my area of responsibility are fulfilling their responsibilities and support them to do so. 

I am alert to, anticipate, and pre-empt risks and threats to The Salvation Army and its mission.  


Applying systems and processes, regularly reviewed and revised, based on values, which ensures the purpose, effectiveness, supervision, culture and accountability of The Salvation Army.

I understand the need for transparent, accountable leadership. I have had some experience of demonstrating fairness and inclusivity and adhering to policies and practices of The Salvation Army.

I demonstrate transparent, accountable stewardship and I lead in a way that is fair and inclusive, effective and efficient.  I pro-actively review relevance and effectiveness of roles, policies and practices in my remit. I act accountably for ensuring resources, structures and strategies align to overall purpose and priorities of The Salvation Army.

I exercise governance that is responsive, and values driven, audited, with continuous improvements made. I offer opportunities for participation in the process of decision making. I seek opinions, recommendations and providing information using data as a source of analysis in fulfilling the mission.

I provide oversight and hold The Salvation Army in alignment with Christ our head, and in accordance with Salvation Army and legal frameworks. I determine purpose, vision, culture, and values, leading collaboratively in the process. 

Responsible stewardship

In line with care for creation, for what and who God has generously entrusted me with, including people, administration, finances, property, resources, and technology.

I show integrity in my use of funds, property, equipment and resources as I engage in mission and ministry. I understand the necessity for robust audit procedures.

I show care and respect in the efficient use of funds, property, equipment, and resources.  I ensure they are used to appropriately resource mission and people.  I respond to audit outcomes, addressing areas of non-compliance. 

I resource others according to transparent criteria.  I evaluate outcomes for sustainable management and use of resources. I implement and reinforce high standards of financial probity.

I establish business systems and practice to meet missional objectives and maximise operational efficiency while achieving overall performance. I anticipate operational and capital needs and identify appropriate finance and funding strategies to meet them.