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Creating Community  

Building the body of Christ, embracing Koinonia*, modelling the ministry of justice and reconciliation.

I understand that being part of the body of Christ requires a responsibility to the community of faith and offers acceptance to all. I am developing an awareness of justice and the importance of finding appropriate ways of making a stand, also seeking reconciliation.

I extend love and include the whosoever, demonstrating acceptance. I am competent to deal with inappropriate behaviours using Kingdom values and internal processes where necessary.   

I continue to develop my awareness of other lived experiences and seek to understand what it means to stand alongside. I am prepared to make a stand for justice and reconciliation.   

I help other leaders by offering support and advice on issues that need challenging.  I support leaders to lead in ways that are fair, transparent and just, using challenging situations to grow and develop, building deeper relationships, characterised by the fruit of the spirit, co-creating harmony where people and mission can flourish.   

I initiate and lead an organisational approach that is founded on Kingdom values and builds Christian community and relationships.  I review and change policies and processes that are not positive expressions of justice and reconciliation.

Leading worship   

Creatively, that inspires and engages people, communicating Scripture relevantly, forming opportunities for people to meet with God and experience transformation.

I have some experience of planning and leading worship, exploring creative expressions and demonstrating an awareness of relevance. I prepare thoroughly for leading worship encouraging personal response. 

I plan and lead creative expressions of worship appropriate to the context of lived experiences, in an engaging manner. I allow space for participation of others by being both well planned and flexible to the movement of the Spirit. I create space for people to respond privately and publicly.    

I model dynamic and responsive leadership of worship, avoiding any tendency towards performance. I give constructive feedback to those leading worship, ensuring doctrines and principles of The Salvation Army are upheld. I enable opportunities for others to grow into leadership of worship in more demanding settings.

I take and promote opportunities to engage, inspire and challenge The Salvation Army to be a prophetic voice through my leadership of worship.  I drive a cultural vision of broadening inclusivity in worship and engender an increasing spiritual temperature in The Salvation Army.    

Deepening relationships and networking skills

Sharing knowledge and good practice, including all stakeholders we serve, for the flourishing of people and mission.

I have a growing confidence in my interactions with others, developing positive relationships within the church and in the wider community.

I demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, being conscious of my impact on others and the need to maintain healthy relationships.  I build internal and external networks and share good practice to learn from one another.

I use stakeholder engagement to inform improvements to relationships and good practice. I ‘open doors’ to connect others. I use and initiate networks to create connections of trust, and shared meaning. 

I build collaborative and strategic relationships and partnerships across professions, geographies and organisational boundaries, cultures and other disciplines, sharing knowledge, benchmarking good practice in alignment with Salvation Army ethics and values.

Facilitating belonging    

Creating a culture of inclusion, fulfilling my responsibility to welcome and serve others without discrimination   

I am committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. I encourage hospitality in support of a culture of inclusion, welcome and service. I am willing to engage in conversations where welcome is not extended. 

I facilitate commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion across internal and external networks, appreciating diversity of experiences, perspectives, values and beliefs, serving others without discrimination. I create a culture of hospitality, welcome and inclusion.  I respectfully collaborate to address practices, behaviours or systems that are incompatible with our values.

I build inclusion and diversity capability in leaders and managers, fostering an inclusive culture which unites people, whatever their differences. I am open to being ‘called out’ and will ‘call out’ inappropriate behaviours.  I use diversity as a strength to foster inclusion, innovation, drive change and leverage outcomes.

I demonstrate inclusive practice, championing a culture that is accessible, consultative, celebrating and honouring difference. I review and identify systemic bias and inequality at all levels to drive change. I define and establish systems, policies and practices that allow all to participate to their fullest ability.


Across missional contexts, being aware of all stakeholders, creating partnerships and synergy, valuing the contribution of others.

I have been part of collaborative, cross-functional groups and see the value of working in this way.

I encourage and facilitate collaborative and cross-functional working as opposed to silo working, moving to a culture of creative-cross fertilisation.    

I build cooperation and overcome barriers to information sharing, communication and collaboration across workgroups. I publicly acknowledge and celebrate the successful outcomes of collaboration. 

I build a systemic culture of matrix working to support the delivery of missional objectives. I role model collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Mediation and conflict resolution

With competence and confidence, graciously handling difficult conversations and situations.

I am willing to hear and understand the perspectives of others and try to find ways of working together. I have developed strategies to use in situations of conflict and am becoming more confident in using these to move towards resolution in difficult situations.

I recognise situations that are likely to lead to conflict, handling difficult conversations confidently, installing measures to resolve challenging situations.  I seek to hear, understand and work with the perspectives of others.

I create an environment that enables others to resolve conflict. I manage conflicts and disputes, through mediation, conciliation, negotiation, advocacy, diplomacy and conflict resolution techniques to create healthy environments. 

I ensure effective systems and protocols for managing conflicts and disputes and act on escalated issues. I am courageous in giving attention to areas that undermine unity, to create a greater shared understanding.