Funding Limits

In line with the current procedures for learning and development, applicants must be aware of the funding limits when applying for courses.

Courses up to and including certificate level (Higher Education Level 1), S/NVQ awards and QCF awards level to Level 5:

Courses at diploma level (Higher Education Level 2) and QCF awards Levels 6 and 7:

First degree (This amount includes any funding awarded for certificate and diploma study within the same study programme)

Postgraduate diploma and Masters degree

Exceptions to funding limits
There are a small number of exceptions where the TTB will recommend additional funding due to a specific, more expensive course being required for an agreed Learning and Development Pathway or in order to meet organisational requirements. These will be considered on an individual basis.​

Additional funding for books & dissertation binding:

  • Internal BA Degrees: £300
  • External BA Degrees: £200
  • Post-Graduate Diplomas: £300
  • Post-Graduate Certificates: £200
  • Masters: £300
  • Doctorates: £500

Note: Should an employee/officer be approved for funding a Commitment Form will be required for the application to proceed following approval. The Commitment Form will detail a sliding scale of repayment recoverable from the employee/officer should they withdraw from the course or leave their role with The Salvation Army within the specified time frame.