How We Decide What is Funded

We are bound by the relevant learning and development policy and procedures for employees​, officers ​and Territorial Envoys. Each application is considered on its own merit. Learning and Development Officers are available to support and guide you through the funding process. The criteria that applications are judged against are:

  • fits in with the strategic mission objectives of the centre/corps/DHQ/THQ,
  • has been identified in a review / annual review or five-yearly review,
  • is determined by legislative requirements,
  • is aligned with current priorities,
  • gives the best value,
  • is appropriate for the current role and coincides with the appropriate role-related Learning and Development Pathways.

Funding cannot be given for courses that have already started or have been completed. All applications for funding must be requested before the commencement of the course. It is advised that all funding applications arrive to us at least four weeks before a course begins. Funding for postgraduate learning has different timescales and guidelines.

Funding is not normally given when individuals are applying for formal academic qualifications at a lower level or similar level than they have achieved.