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Self-awareness and resilience

Seeking feedback, increasing mindfulness, developing our personal wellbeing.

I have a growing self-awareness and am beginning to receive and act upon feedback more readily. I am willing to explore reflective practices to understand my behaviours. I notice what energises and drains me and seek to manage this towards a balanced life. 

 I seek to develop emotional intelligence, graciously receive feedback and engage in self-reflection to increase self-awareness. I am mindful to my personal wellbeing and life-balance/equilibrium, engaging with wellbeing provision as appropriate. 

I help build a culture of wellbeing, resilience, and accountability, supporting people to engage with wellbeing provision. I support others to acknowledge outcomes of situations and learn from the lessons they provide. 

I advocate a systemic culture of self-awareness and help create a healthy working culture, mitigating impacts of adversity, building capacity for resilience, using qualitative and quantitative organisational data and insights. I ensure principles and resources are in place for wellbeing support and update as appropriate. z

Personal impact

Understanding the impact on others of our use of power and influence.

I can articulate my understanding of Salvation Army values and behaviours and try to demonstrate these in my interactions with others. I recognise how power and influence can be misused. 

I demonstrate personal confidence, passion and authority, with humility and grace, role-modelling Salvation Army values and behaviours and promoting inclusivity. I am aware of the risk of manipulating others and imposing myself or my personal views because of my position within The Salvation Army. 

I am a role model for my team, acting ethically and with integrityI handle personal information of others in a professional and transparent mannerI take a stand with senior colleagues when it is the right thing to do despite significant opposition or risk. I am conscious of the need to use power with people rather than over people. 

I ensure that policies, procedures, and practices demonstrate proper treatment of others, both internally and externally, being aware of potential unintended negative impact on others. I take responsibility for decisions and actions, to ensure they are ethical and can be explained. I use power in a mutually transforming manner, to enable the flourishing of individuals and The Salvation Army. 

Lifelong learning

Through welcoming developmental feedback and using reflective practice, contributing to  self-awareness, personal growth and development.

I seek opportunities to learn new things. I engage in discussion about my personal growth, which informs my ongoing development. 

I reflect on my own performance, respond to feedback, and can identify my own learning and developmental needs. I commit to continuous learning and development. 

I model commitment to lifelong learningI actively seek and apply learning from feedback to adapt my own practice to support my development in maturity as a leader and inspire others to do the same. 

I advance The Salvation Army as a strategic learning organisation, developing culture and practiceI ensure continuity of learning and development provision, including accompanied development. 

Adaptability and time management

Managing self, existing and evolving situations.

I apply strategies to manage my workload and can change my plans in response to new situations. I am beginning to put in place appropriate boundaries and can prioritise. 

I effectively manage my workload and circumstances and any associated pressure and can adapt to new and evolving situations. I am aware of what is reasonable and know when to decline requests, create appropriate boundaries, and when to choose sacrificial service. 

I manage multiple workloads and can adapt to new and evolving situations with creativity and innovation.  I influence others to more effectively manage their workloads. 

I work to embed adaptability within The Salvation Army and build a systemic culture of effective time management that promotes the importance of a healthy life balance.