Missional Effectiveness – Achieving Results



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People- focused service  

Seeking justice and reconciliation, responding to issues and concerns, loving others as the way of fulfilling mission

I empathise with others as I seek to serve them effectively. I understand that I cannot meet the needs of everybody and know when I need to signpost to other agencies or support. 

I focus on the people I serve and adopt a service orientated attitude to all. I engage with people to understand their needs and improve their experience. I keep people informed of progress, seeking feedback. I recognise the need for referral and take appropriate action. 


I confirm satisfaction with services and address or escalate complaints. I focus others on best practice outcomes for all. I act to correct areas of deficient service. I advocate and negotiate effectively for people.  

I drive mission-led responsiveness to people needs as central to the strategic planning process. I create a culture which prioritises generous service. I maintain a high level of integrity, with awareness of issues affecting people and I speak out on matters of injustice, balancing politics, reputation and income generation. 

Strategic thinking and adaptability

With a broad, long term, big picture view,  planning for emerging internal and external issues, responsive to changing situations.

I participate in projects or groups in their strategic planning.

I plan strategically, identifying trends that could impact strategy and design in mission. I identify internal and external political and systems issues, which may impact the mission. I am open to new information, adapting approaches and choices in changing circumstances, and crisis situations.

I identify broader trends that impact The Salvation Army, sharing insights with others so they can design, implement, and evaluate interventions. I manage complexity and adapt to new and evolving situations with creativity, innovation and enterprise, and inspire others to do likewise. 

I enable practical solutions to identified issues to ensure long-term viability. I develop strategies and interventions to help address and prepare for future risks. I build a systemic culture of effective, adaptive leadership. 

Implement decisions

Planning outcomes and time  frames to drive delivery, taking ownership and responsibility for results.

I set goals to ensure I work to timelines and produce results that meet expectations. 

I identify the steps to achieve agreed goals and demonstrate drive to deliver results to expected timelines and standards, using methodologies such as project management.

 I take responsibility to provide pragmatic and timely advice and deliver solutions that meet missional needs. 

I take ownership, in all the complexity, to ensure that dots are joined, to connect and align different areas of work. I ensure follow through and completion when work has been agreed. I take ownership for communication and ensure that new developments are incorporated and embedded into common practice. 

Acknowledging results

Appreciating and celebrating people, events, and projects.

As part of a nurturing community, I seek to support others and share in their successes. 

I nurture a culture that is mutually supportive and celebrates people’s contributions to positive outcomes.

I encourage celebration of group successes. I give credit to those who have done good work.  I enable greater responsibility (succession planning) as reward for effectiveness, as appropriate. I use multiple platforms to share good news and seek new ways of communicating successes. 

I foster systems that allow key contributions to be shared, inspiring others through celebration of learning, innovation, growth and effectiveness.